Self Portrait: The Floo Floo Tree
16' x 20"
Egg tempera on Panel

Fine Arts:
Artist's Resume
Artist's Statement

Design Resume
Letters of Recommendation

Public Policy:
Policy Resume
Studying Politics 2018

Massachusetts Issues:
Increasing Affordable Housing, 2018
Supporting Artists in Boston, 2018
Weighing in on a MBTA fare Increase 2016

Boston Public Schools:

Build BPS 2018
Reducing Transitions at BPS 2018
Central and School Based Supports 2018
Career Pipeline for BPS Caregivers 2018

School Finances:
BPS Budget Ideas 2018
Ideas to help Boston Public School's budget 2016
Donations for BPS 2016

School Start Times:
Spring 2018
Winter 2017
Fall 2017

School Assignment:
Summer 2018
Spring 2018
3 Proposals from a Fenway Mom 2013
EAC Presentation, 2013
Paired Schools Proposal 2013
Quality Framework 2013
















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