Bio: Artist's Biography

I was born in 1966 in Hartford, CT. My first art influences were the suburban wilds of Portland, CT and then the mountains and rivers of West Cummington, MA. Currently the trees and flowers of Boston contribute to my work as well.

Fantasy books, Native American crafts, and the European Masters were my first teachers. Those childhood influences still have an effect. They have been joined by art influences from India, China, and Japan. When I worked as a security guard at the Museum of Fine Art Boston while I was in college, I received an excellent art history education from their international collection.

After receiving a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, in painting over 25 years ago, I have worked as a painter, illustrator, designer, animator, jeweler, potter, and sculptor. I have continued my education with classes at the Museum School and The Art Institute of Art.

The influences that now shape my work are being a parent to a 15 year daughter, public policy advocacy (with a focus on education) and supporting disability rights (with a focus on autism). I want my work to offer to the world something useful, positive and ethical.

Floating and Growing
11' x 14"
Water based media