Bio: Artist's Interview

The New England Baptist Hospital's
"Daily Dose"

Artist Lisa Jeanne Graf was
interviewed by
April Hannon

1) What do you like to do?

I enjoy creating whimsical paintings and sculptures. They tend to be inspired by nature and describe different emotional states, and concepts.

2) When do you do these things or how often?
I work hardest before shows and almost nonstop then. In between shows my work schedule is less consistent. I think I have a difficult time working in a vacuum. I definitely create work for an audience.

3) Where do you do these things?
My studio is in my large living room where I have four work areas. One table has a computer area, one has a light table, one is used to paint egg tempera pieces, and one is used to paint water color pieces or create sculptures. Sometimes the dining table also gets taken over as well as the floors. Before a show it can be a big mess. Luckily my husband is an artist and understands.

4) Why do you love to do this? What do you enjoy the most? How does it make you feel?
I love the sense of discovery- of not knowing what will happen next or where a piece is going. If I feel surprised by a piece I am hoping that sense of newness will carry through to the viewer. I also enjoy the research that is needed for some pieces. Searching for images of waterfalls and oceans for example has a sense of discovery or searching for unusual materials like meteorites or glow in the dark paper is also a lot of fun.



Beaded Landscape
Size: 9" x 12"
Media: Mixed Media

5) If applicable, how does this interest compare to your day job, any similarities or refreshing differences?
I work as a graphic designer and illustrator. At my job and at my studio I work with images. In both, I also try communicate clearly ideas and goals.