Public Art: Play around the City

In 2018, The City of Boston and New Urban Mechanics were working to make waiting for the school bus a more active and engaged time for students.

Here are the details of the project:

My daughter Beatrice and I
created a proposal together titled
"Play and Yay!"

Play and Yay! was a multi-color, painted sidewalk installation on approximately 520 square feet in front of the Trotter School Playground. Designed as a large-scale coloring book, people of all ages were encouraged to add to the design with chalk and to follow the many interconnected paths.

Details on the project:
Elements for installation

credit: New Urban Mechanics

Play and Yay! by Lisa Jeanne and Beatrice Graf, with painting support from the Mayor’s Mural Crew,
John Storrow and Jason Boucher and chalk art by the Pleasant Hill Ministry Baptist Church Peace
Program, at the Roxbury/Trotter School Playground (Humboldt Ave. @ Waumbeck Street)

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