Shows: Hynes Convention Center Gallery

A two person show

900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA  02115

Nov 2002

Displayed the following images at Hynes Convention Center with the artist Heather Balchunas

Artist Statement

sound waves

Scary Mouth Cavern   


Thorn with Thorns

Garden Light

gravity and force



Hope Springs Eternal

sound waves

 Ladders Without Rungs Beaded Landscape

Path Through the Mountains


human ear

Loose String

Hairy Plants Tender Reptiles
human eye

sound waves
Mother and Tightrope The Thaw Patternscape

human ear
Zipper Monster Whispering Bird

human ear sound waves
 Tower Plants

My Mother's Forest

Growing and Floating

human eye

After Tolkien: The Voyage  Ceremonial Vessel Steve Buckman's Comet
sound waves human ear sound waves
Water Spirits Jilted My Butterfly

Stonington, CT: A Portrait

sound waves
Social Shadows

Curved Bridge

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