Envy Pendant
represents how destructive envy can be both to one's self and to others. The pendent is circled with barbed wire to describe the damage that envy can inflict. The piece comes with the following i
nstructions: "wear outwards to hurt others; wear inwards to hurt yourself."

The center of the pendent is gold which represents how a jealous person would imagine the value of their rival. The outside wires are silver which shows how a jealous person would view themself- as not as valuable.

The necklace is closed by a magnetic clasp which represents the pull of envy and that it is easy for it to circle you and not let you go. I believe that if you can see what envy is then you can more easily resist it's pull. That is why I created this work. It is a helpful reminder to keep envy in check.

The barbed wire is facing inward

The barbed wire is facing outward

Envy Pendant at the Brush Gallery
Micromonumental Show 
Size: 2" x  2"
Media: gold and silver wire, cord,
and gold magnetic clasp