Design: Characters and Enviroments

The following characters were created in 3D animation programs. You can click on the two images below, to see them at a larger size.

  The images above are from two screen savers created for the Weekly World News in a partnership with Ignis Technologies. The first screen saver is of a character called Batboy, while the second screen saver is of an alien in his space ship.

For the first screen saver a 3D model of a young child was altered by remodeling the head and setting it in a scream. Wings were modeled and attached to the body. Bats were also created by animating custom made 3d models. The background was created in Fractal Design Painter. The screen saver was comprised of Batboy and numerous bats flying radomly across the screen. 

. For the second screen saver, the body of an adult male 3D model was elongated and the face was remodeled. The space ship was modeled from scratch. The screen saver comprised of the Alien turning his head, and moving his arms over his instrument panel, while different pictures appeared, in the windows of the space ship. 

. The image above is from an animated story created for The Human Genome Project at MCET. 15 Environments were created. Most scenes had 3d models as elements, and many had background images. Some of the scenes created were a beach, a hospital, a genetic councelor's office, a livingroom, and a kitchen. 16 characters were created from Poser models. Six of the characters had their faces remodeled to appear African American. Hairdos were created and given image maps. All of the characters had image maps created for their bodies, and clothing. 

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