Design: Covers


Marcus Weiner Publishers
The Book's focus is to show world history from different viewpoints, including scholars and educators from 5 continents.

Wadsworth Publishing
Created the artwork for three history bookcovers. Each bookcover displayed images from different time periods.

To see the all the covers created for this project click here.

Author Tom Fitzgerald
Created 4 book cover mock-ups for an author to market his book to publishers. I also offered sample interior illustrations as well. The book found a publisher!

Author Owusu Achamfour
This nonfiction book describes the sexual lives of college students from campuses across the country. The author published this work through 84 Press, which he founded to publish non-fiction and fiction books with a focus on young authors.

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Created cover designs for four womens' health diaries. Covers were created for teens, young women, middle aged women and seniors.

Click here to see illustrations created for the inside of the diaries.

Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center
Created a cover for a booklet promoting a healthy lifestyle.

View the cover at a larger size and two interior pages.

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