Shows: Nun's Field

Reclaiming Nuns' Field

a group show with
The Reclamation Artists

72 Delle Ave.
Mission Hill, MA 02115

Oct., 2003

photo: Walter Crump

Excerpts from Boston Globe Review

Group's temporary works in Mission  Hill use beauty as a form of protest

By Christine Temin, Globe Staff, 10/8/2003

The stained glass window glitters in the sun, its golden Gothic arch aiming heavenward. The window isn't in a church, nor is its glass from an art supplier: It's standing in the middle of Nuns' Field, on Boston's Mission Hill. Its maker, artist Lisa Graf, gathered the shards of glass on the site, giving broken beer bottles and such a new and more dignified life.

Graf's window is part of "Reclaiming Nuns' Field," the latest of the guerrilla projects by Reclamation Artists, a Boston-based group dedicated to making people notice neglected corners of the city through temporary outdoor works. This one is on view this weekend...

...It's hard to think of many idealistic temporary public art projects that have altered the course of business and politics. But it's also hard to believe anyone visiting Nuns' Field this weekend will come away emotionally and intellectually untouched.

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size: 7 feet
photo by Linda Hoffman

Transformation detail
size: 7 feet
photo by Walter Crump

Materials: wood, gold automotive paint, glass, glass paint, silicone, gold pipe-cleaners, copper, and steel.

The glass in this piece came directly from Nunís field. Teenagers over the years drank in the ledge area of this site. The broken glass reflects that history. Since the Catholic Church owned this land until recently a stained glass window seemed an appropriate reflection of that history. With this piece I wanted to transform something of no value (broken glass) into something of beauty.

For Hope
size 18" by 13.5"
photo by John Storrow

For Hope detail
size 18" by 13.5"
photo by John Storrow

Materials: plexiglass, fingernail polish, glass, glass paint, silicone, and scrapbook yarn.

The glass in this piece also came from Nun's field. This work was created to symbolize the hope that Nun's Field will remain a green space for the Mission Hill community.

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