Shows: Galatea Fine Arts, 2013

Don't Fence Me In

A one person show of egg tempera
and water color works 

13 egg tempera works were displayed for this show which are shown below. 10 older watercolor works were also included. 

Click on the following images
to see them at a larger size.


Galatea Fine Arts
460B Harrison Ave, #B-6
Boston MA 02118

September 2013

Artist's Statement

They Grow So Fast


"Yay! It's Spring" Clap Clap

Up High


Mama Says Butter is NOT a Meal
A Flopsy Wind Crown for a Primeval Princess
It is Easier to Throw Stones 
Than it is to Build Something

The Artistic Bunny 

Be Careful

Time For Nothing
All in Perfect Balance Roots

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