Design: Digital Illustrations

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The following samples were all created for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center:

Healthy Work Healthy Home
Designed an illustration of batteries as a skyline for a poster promoting recycling batteries.



Recycling Posters

These posters were created to encourage recycling. The same landscape is shown in each picture. One version shows how recycling keeps the land beautiful while another version shows how only throwing away trash will create landfills. 


"Recycle Only!" Poster

"Trash Only!" Poster

Arrive Happy
Created the illustrations and logo for a brochure, poster display, and flyers. Created a series of illustrations of different forms of transportation. Click here to see a PDF of the brochure.



Brochure Cover


Brochure Illustrations


NICU Brochure
Created the illustrations for a NICU brochure as well as the graphic design. Created a series of illustrations of animals at night looking at the stars. Click here to see a PDF of the brochure.



NICU Brochure



Brochure Illustrations

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