Artists' Statement

I have been painting with egg tempera as my main medium since my daughter was born 9 years ago. Egg tempera has a binder of egg yoke and can be thinned with water. Since I use paint from tubes, I donít have to worry about getting pigment in the air like traditional egg tempera artists do. The paint layers nicely, and is easy to work with once you get used to the medium. The surface I work on is claybord by Ampersand.

My works tend to fall into two categories- conceptual works and emotive works. The conceptual works tend to be more realistic and describe concepts. My emotive works describe emotions so they tend to be a little more stylized and wiggly. The colors tend to be a bit more vibrant as well.

The most recent work that I am showing comes from a time of transition. My mother passed away almost two years ago. I want a golden Candelabra is about yearning for what you canít have. Love Shines Through is about how love shines through, even in the darkness. The work When Lightning Doesnít Strike could be viewed in a negative or positive light. Take your pick. The work Passion is a love letter to my husband John Storrow who is a wonderful artist, and also wonderfully kind.

Throughout my years of painting with egg tempera I have been inspired by my daughterís fun and joy. She has been muse to the majority of my artworks. Another big inspiration has been my interst in public policy puzzles (which I consider brain candy) and advocacy for education and disability rights. Throughout my juggling as a part time graphic designer, a mom, activist and artist my husband has been my rock and made my full life possible. Many of the works were possible because of him. Thanks John!


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