Artists' Statement

One day I was at my daughter's kindergarten classroom as the teachers were setting up for the new year. Outside one of the teachers Anne, saw a slug with leopard patterns on it. I thought it was the coolest thing- definitely an unexpected wonder. I learned from my birthmother Julie Summersquash that there were other slugs in the world with with bright colors as well. Then I learned from my mom, Carole Lacker that she had unexpected flowers that appeared in her garden that she didn't plant. These are the elements that started a painting titled "Unexpected Wonders." I included flowers from my mother's garden ( unexpected white and pink flowers that I placed in the foreground of the painting and planted sunflowers and greenery that I placed in the foreground of the painting), as well as stock photography.
This show is a collaboration with my family. My sister contributed a number of photos that were used as photo collage references for paintings. Some examples of pictures she contributed to are "Bunny on Trampoline" (with the background of the hills and mountains) and "By the Beach" (the beach, flower elements and some of the animals). My husband partnered with me, using the program 3DX Max to help me create 3d renderings that could also be used as references for my paintings.

My references can be a drawing, or a photo collage, or a 3d rendering and sometimes a mix of all three. After creating my references I trace the drawings onto a clayboard panel with graphite transfer paper.

I then paint with egg tempera paint from tubes. I use the traced references to see where the colors and values shift. I also reference a non traced version to see more the graduations and textures.

Detail of By the Beach

The painting "Bunny of a Trampoline" is about the joy of doing something you do well with added support. How high can you go?

"By the Beach" is about working with what you've got. The snails are able to climb quite high for their size and they are in no rush to go fast. The butterflies are higher but don't go super high because they need what is close to the land to survive.

"Arched Hills" is about life's lights and darks.

"Walk on the Sunny Side" is true to it's title. Those who know me well know that I love moss. That is why the walking figure is stepping barefoot in the moss. Dreamy! There is a flower in the piece called a twin flower. I liked the idea of it being half in the dark and half in the light.

I celebrate the unexpected wonders of life and our connections with one another!